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4k Resolution Camera Dual Lens and Screen

4k Resolution Camera Dual Lens and Screen

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Revolutionize Your Security with the 8MP 4K Dual-Lens Dual Screen Auto Tracking PTZ WIFI Camera

Introducing the 8MP 4K Dual-Lens Dual Screen Auto Tracking PTZ WIFI Camera, the ultimate in modern security technology. Packed with advanced features, this camera offers unparalleled surveillance capabilities to keep your property safe and secure.

Key Features:

  • 8MP 4K Dual-Lens: Experience crystal-clear video quality with 8MP resolution and 4K clarity, providing exceptional detail and depth.
  • Dual Screen Display: Monitor two angles simultaneously with the innovative dual-screen feature, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  • Auto Tracking: The camera's intelligent humanoid tracking follows movement automatically, keeping the subject in frame at all times.
  • Police Light Alarm: Deter intruders with the built-in police light alarm that activates upon detecting unauthorized movement.
  • Two-Way Voice Intercom: Communicate in real-time with the two-way voice intercom, ideal for greeting visitors or warning off trespassers.
  • 360° Monitoring: Enjoy complete surveillance with 360-degree pan and tilt capabilities, eliminating blind spots.
  • Full-Color Night Vision: Maintain clear, full-color visibility even in complete darkness, ensuring round-the-clock security.
  • IP66 Waterproof: Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, this camera is IP66-rated for outdoor durability.
  • Mobile Phone Remote Monitoring: Stay connected with remote monitoring via your mobile phone, no matter where you are.
  • Video Sharing: Easily share video footage with family or authorities directly from your device.
  • SD Card Storage: Conveniently store your footage with SD card support for easy access and playback.
  • 24-Hour Recording: Ensure continuous surveillance with 24-hour video recording capabilities.


  • Resolution: 8MP 4K
  • Lenses: Dual-lens system
  • Alarm: Police light and sound alarm
  • Tracking: Auto humanoid tracking
  • Intercom: Two-way voice communication
  • View: 360° pan and tilt
  • Night Vision: Full-color
  • Durability: IP66 waterproof rating
  • Connectivity: Mobile phone remote access
  • Storage: Supports SD card
  • Recording: 24-hour continuous video


  • Enhanced Security: Superior video quality and dual-lens coverage ensure no detail is missed, enhancing your security.
  • Proactive Monitoring: Auto tracking and police light alarm provide proactive surveillance, deterring potential threats.
  • Interactive Communication: The two-way intercom allows for immediate interaction, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Uninterrupted Coverage: 360-degree monitoring and 24-hour recording ensure comprehensive and continuous protection.
  • Weatherproof Design: Built to withstand all weather conditions, making it perfect for outdoor use.
  • Convenient Access: Remote monitoring and video sharing provide peace of mind and easy management of your security footage.

Upgrade your security system with the 8MP 4K Dual-Lens Dual Screen Auto Tracking PTZ WIFI Camera. Order now to experience cutting-edge surveillance and ultimate peace of mind!

8MP 4MP Version Comparison

4MP camera version:
Means that the single lens is 2MP, so the dual-lens is 2MP+2MP=4MP.
8MP camera version:
Means that the single lens is 4MP, so the dual-lens is 4MP+4MP=8MP.

Main Features:

● 8MP 4MP Resolution Option
● Dual-Lens with Dual Screen
● AI human detection Alarm
● 3.6mm + 6mm Dual lens camerasystem
● Max 100 meters Day Vision
● 10~50 meters Colorful/Black White Night Vision
● Enhanced dual antenna penetration ability
● Pan 300 degree/ Tilt 100degree
● Two-Way Audio Talk Speak Real Time
● Motion Detection and Alarm Tone Function
● 2.4Ghz WiFi and Wired Connection two Mode
● AP Hotspot Mode Access
● Blue-tooth Connection
● Waterproof IP66 Use for Outdoor
● TF Card Slot Support Max 128 GB.
● Encryption security cloud storage
● Remotely View via the App iCSee on Smartphone

Package Listing:

1x PTZ Camera
1x User Manual
1x Power Supply
1x Screws Bag
Warm tips: the SD Card is optional :)

Dual Screen & Dual Lens

3.6mm lens switching to 12mm lens ,Per lens provide 4X digital zoom

PTZ Remote Control

Rotates 270° Horizontally and 90° Vertically, You can control it in the ICSEE app directly whenever you want and wherever you are.

High quality Wifi Camera has 2 installation methods

Support for Under Ceiling installation and Wall Side installation

Moving Auto tracking

After locking the target, the camera will adjust the pan rotation automatically, Tracking Moving Objects, Cars, Pets, Human, and push alerts notifications to your Smartphone.

Ai Human Detect Alert

Quickly finds human targets and immediately sends a notification to your phone, letting you see what happens anywhere. It only detects the human shape and will not trigger falsely for objects such as cars and trees.

Color Infrared Night Vision

supports full-color mode, infrared mode and double-light alert mode (infrared night vision is displayed when no object moves, and the white light will be turned on to switch to full-color mode after motion is detected).

Double Lens ,Multiple Views

Configuration of double-lens, a fixed -point monitoring, a pan -tilt monitoring dual lens monitoring, to capture more detail of the scene

Real Two Way Audio

Built-in microphone and speaker / Customized new speakers with loud volume; You could talk to anyone nears the camera ( Warn someone to leave your house ).

IP66 Waterproof / Dustproof

The camera case is made of high-quality ABS plastic, which is waterproof, sun-proof and dust-proof. It is suitable for any environment.

Wifi Connection & LAN Connection&Bluetooth Connection

Powered by DC12V adapter, you can connect the camera to Wi-Fi network. you can setup wifi connection of the camera or LAN Search with network cable connected to router, work with 2.4G wifi only (Does not support 5G).

SD Card & Cloud Storage

First month cloud storage and Max 128G SD card Record ,data security is more stable .
If you want to keep using Cloud Service, you just need to pay for it , if you don't need to use , it will stop it automatically when you don't pay for the fee.

APP Remote Access

Easy remote access to get what happens when you left home

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